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Content Preparation

Content comes in many different physical forms analogue or digital tape, CD, DVD, PC files or as a real-time feed from a satellite or communications link.  The first requirement of content preparation is to make sure you have all the necessary hardware and software to be able to play the content correctly.


All well as different physical forms, content can vary in terms of resolution, colour-space, aspect-ratio, frame-rate and sound format.  All of these aspects must be taken into account for the best possible presentation.


In addition, it may be necessary to extract portions from existing content rather than presenting the whole programme.  The extracted clips will need to be selected and edited to ensure they start and finish in a controlled manner.


A vital, but often overlooked, part of content preparation is to conduct a proper rehearsal.  This needs to be done under good viewing and listening conditions so that any problems with the image and sound can be identified and corrected - before the audience arrives.


Working with you through all the stages of content preparation, dcineco can resolve any issues well in advance of the show and guarantee your audience gets the maximum enjoyment from your material.

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