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Event Technical Management


With dcineco providing your event technical management you can be certain of the best possible presentation.  We have extensive experience managing all types of presentations from product launches to major international movie premieres.   And we are well-versed with the challenges of running events in all sorts of venues from established cinemas to hotel conference suites.


Whatever the size of your audience from 1 to 100,000 - we believe they deserve to experience a smooth, well-planned presentation that does full justice to the content.  To achieve this, dcineco will work with you through every step of the planning process, leaving nothing to chance. 


Using our in-depth knowledge of event technical management, dcineco will assume full responsibility for:


         Communications between production staff

         Production of detailed technical cue sheets

         Control of house lighting

         Seamless switching of image and sound

         Technical rehearsal of all content

         Calling the show


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