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Installation & Commissioning

Even with the best designed system or component, it can only deliver its maximum performance when correctly installed.  With dcineco managing your installation process you can be assured that your digital cinema system will provide the optimum results.  The installation process includes:


         Physical positioning or mounting of equipment

         Connection of power and signal circuits

         And where applicable, some level of software configuration


The final phase of installation is a complete functional test with reference to the system specification.  Depending on the type of system or component being introduced, installation is often followed by an additional phase commissioning.


The process of commissioning a system ensures it achieves the highest possible performance.  All aspects of the system are measured, calibrated and tested, and any problems are located and resolved.  The commissioning process includes:


         Physical and optical alignment of the projector

         Calibration of projector colourimetry and luminance

         Setting up projector masking for all required aspect ratios

         Measurement and adjustment of sound performance

         Verification of automation functions


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