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Content Owners & Distributors


The production of content can require a huge investment, not only financially, but in the time taken to ensure it looks and sounds exactly the way the director had foreseen it.  With this investment at stake, you will want to guarantee your audience experiences your content exactly as the director intended, by showing it in the best possible way using digital cinema technology.


Content Mastering for Digital Cinema

If your content has not been mastered for digital cinema projection, we can support you through the process of re-purposing, providing advice and assistance with:


         Mastering facilities

         Compression techniques

         Storage and distribution



         Format conversion




Special Screenings

Once your content is ready for digital cinema projection, we can provide a variety of services to ensure it is shown to full effect at premieres or special events.  Providing support with:


         Planning the event including evaluation and/or survey of the venue

         Selection of appropriate equipment and suppliers

         Organisation of additional facilities and services

         Preparation and rehearsal of content

         Installation and commissioning of equipment

         Technical management of the event


Digital Cinema In-House Screening Facilities

Where your in-house screening facilities need to be enhanced to incorporate digital cinema, dcineco is ideally placed to assist you with any or all of the following:


         Surveying your site

         Designing a system to match your requirements

         Managing the installation and commissioning of your system

         Providing comprehensive training to your projection staff

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