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Subtitling is used to provide local-language translation of dialog where a dubbed version of the content is not available.  It is also used to offer visual assistance for hearing-impaired viewers with descriptions of important sound effects in addition to the dialog.


The main disadvantage of the current method of subtitling a film print whether by optical or laser-etch techniques is the cost.  It is a very expensive process and in addition, it renders a print unusable for other territories. 


With the breakthrough advances in digital cinema technology, it is now possible to have subtitles inserted into the image as it is projected.  The advantages of this technique are impressive the subtitles are clear and easy to read - different languages can be shown at different performances and there is no need to modify the stored digital images in any way.


Subtitles for digital cinema can be prepared directly from spotting lists or, in many cases, from data prepared for other forms of subtitling video, DVD or laser-etch.  Our practical experience with both the process of digital cinema subtitling and our suite of unique time-saving tools, dcineco can help you reap the benefits from this powerful advance in digital cinema projection.

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