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Post-Production Facilities

Digital cinema technology is going to change your business.  Your choice is when to start exploiting the opportunities the technology can offer.  Whether you are mastering content for delivery on film or in digital formats, accurate large-screen monitoring is a vital part of the process.  We can assist you in getting to grips with:


Monitoring for Digital Intermediate

A digital cinema projector allows you and your clients to see content as it will look when the final film prints are shown.  Having the ability to get instantaneous feedback makes colour-correction a very different process!


Mastering for Digital Cinema Release

Digital cinema images are different to those projected from film in many ways, some obvious and some very subtle.  Properly mastered content is a must in order to exploit the advantages inherent in the technology.  Instant visual feedback is the key to first-pass success.


If you want to start exploring what digital cinema can offer you and your clients, talk to us about the services we offer:


         Conducting trials at your existing facilities

         Surveying your proposed screening room

         Designing a system to meet your needs

         Installation and commissioning of your system

         Calibrating the process

         Providing comprehensive training to your staff

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