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Equipment Suppliers

With your reputation at stake, each and every time your equipment is used, you will want to make sure it is seen or heard at its best.  Working together with dcineco, you can be secure in the knowledge that your credibility is in safe hands with the audience remembering the experience for the right reasons whether its a one-off product demonstration, a special event, or a permanent installation.

Product Demonstrations / Special Event

At dcineco, we have considerable experience in this field and can ensure your product demonstration or special event runs perfectly, providing assistance with:


         Planning the event including evaluation and/or survey of the venue

         Organisation of additional equipment and services

         Preparation and rehearsal of content

         Installation and commissioning of equipment

         Technical management of the event

Permanent Installations

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of equipment used as part of a digital cinema system and find yourself without the vital resources you need to complete a customer project on time, dcineco is ideally placed to help you.  We can bridge your resources gap, providing support for:


         Site surveys

         System design

         Equipment installation and commissioning

         Operator training


In addition, we can help your own staff to develop their skills in digital cinema by assisting you with training and documentation.

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